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Yixing City Sanwei Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd., founded in April 11, 2007, is founded by a group of aspiring young scientific and technical personnel to sensing technology as the core of the new high-tech enterprises, by virtue of a strong technical force and excellent production, testing, laboratory equipment, engaged in high-precision weighing sensor, intelligent electronic weighing apparatus, weight limiter, computer network control weighing system of research, development and manufacturing. Company registered capital of 5000000 yuan, currently has a fixed assets of 10000000 yuan, the flow of funds 6000000 yuan, the annual sales of 45000000 yuan. Company covers an area of 25000 square meters, with dozens of senior professional talents. Since its inception, with the cause of the persistent pursuit, good reputation, excellent quality, have sprung up everywhere in the field of electronic weighing instrument, reputation, long.
Company was founded at the beginning, on the basis of the starting point in the catch up with the international trend, the introduction of advanced technology at home and abroad, based on the unique understanding of the technology, the user's demand for products, and constantly integrate into our products. Launched a high temperature weighing sensor, super low temperature weighing sensor, stainless steel weighing sensor, explosion-proof weighing sensor, weight limiter, electronic static rail weighbridge, static and dynamic electronic truck scale, dynamic axis measuring scale, a dynamic vehicle load detector, electronic belt scale, belt weigher, batching system hopper, material calibration device, weighing weighing and quantitative automatic packing scale, weightlessness steelyard, ladle scale, scale of molten steel ladle, tundish rotary platform, car ladle electronic scale, crane scale, roller scale, material a large scale, weighing monitoring pipe system, weighing unmanned management system, such as a series of high-tech products to. These products set of sensor technology, computer technology and weighing technology and one of the world's most advanced image recognition technology Dacheng, greatly improves the weighing data processing automation level, reduce the labor intensity, world-class weighing modern management system.
Companies adhering to the "all for customers" business philosophy, in order to "focus on creating first-class sensor" as the goal. On product quality control, the company introduced and independently developed a sophisticated production, testing and experimental equipment, strict implementation of national standards and OIML international recommendations and the full implementation of the ISO9001:2008 standard quality management system. Companies always adhere to the "first-class enterprises to create first-class talents, first-class talent to produce first-class products, first-class products to provide first-class customer" business philosophy. In order to provide customers with high quality products and continuously improve the quality of the system, and continuously improve themselves through the establishment of a continuous and effective and continuous improvement of quality management system. To make the development of the company to a new future.
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